Travel Soccer

HV Storm Travel Soccer

Huron Valley Storm SC is ready for our 4th year!  We are excited to offer an affordable travel soccer program in the Huron Valley Community!

The Huron Valley Storm Program Highlights:

  • Professional, licensed coaches.  Our current coaching staff includes: Shaun Finney (D National License), Connor Rutz(National C license) and Jonny Garcia (D License), Brian D’Ascenzo, and Brady Walker. Additional coaches will be added based on teams formed.
  • Full Year Program: Fall 2024, Winter 2024-25, & Spring 2025
  • High School age teams will be a one season + winter training commitment (Fall 2024 for girls, Spring 2025 for boys). This is to allow kids to play with their high school teams during their respective MHSAA season.
  • 2-3 Practices per week during each 8-10 week outdoor season, 1 time per week through the winter.
  • Winter game play will either be 4v4 or 7v7 at HVAC, or select teams may enroll in a local indoor league for their game play portion of the program.
  • Participate in an appropriate level of play based on the team’s skill level.  We have multiple leagues available to choose from in the area, WSSL is the most likely choice for most of our teams.  The WSSL league covers areas within approximately a 1-hour drive from our home fields.
  • Decide at a team level which tournaments to participate in.  1 Team tournament in each season of outdoor play is included in player fees.  If an individual team opts to participate in any additional tournaments that team will collect the fees to participate.

League Resources

WSSL Game Day Procedures (Google doc)

WSSL Spectator Policy (Google doc)