Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball Leagues

Check out each League flier for details and click on each flier to register.  More leagues coming soon!

Pickle Ball Lessons

Beginner – Single Lesson ($25 each player)

 plLearn how to play pickleball! This lesson will teach you the basics: how to hold a paddle, hit a ball, serve/return serve, basic rules, keeping score. The lesson concludes with playing a full game.  No equipment necessary! Nets, paddles (if you don’t have one already), and balls available on site.

Beginner Lessons – Series of 5 ($100 each player)

Learn how to play pickleball in a series of five 60-minute sessions! This series of lessons will cover the basics of pickleball, including serve/return serve, basic rules, keeping score, dink/drop shots, drive/attack shots, hitting zones, punch volleys, and court coverage.
  • Lesson 1 – Serve, return & score
  • Lesson 2 – Learn to dink/drop
  • Lesson 3 – Learn to drive/attack
  • Lesson 4 – Hitting zones, red/yellow/green, punch volley
  • Lesson 5 – Court coverage/ positioning

Specialty Lessons – ($25/ player, 2-8 participants)

– Drop/dink shots/ punch volleys

Learn how and when to use them; the difference between lift and push dinks

– How to defend drives/ overhead slams

Do you play with a lot of bangers? This will teach you how to defend the hard shots and soften them up by learning how to block. We will also cover how to get your paddle down in position to defend overhead slams.

– Court Coverage

If you feel like you are missing a lot of balls that go down the middle or you just feel like you’re not ever in the right position, this class will help you understand where to be and when so you can start winning more rallies!

– 3+1 Coach

This is your chance to bring your small group of three to first work on a couple drills together and then each take turns partnering up with the coach to play with you and give you feedback on things to work on.

– 1 on 1 Private Lesson ($60 an hour)

You get to work one on one with a coach and let them know what skills you would like to work on!

Pickle Ball Open Gym

Day time Pickle Ball open gym sessions are available on a first come first serve basis.  HVAC has 4 courts so we are limited to 20 players for a 2.5 hour session or 24 players for a 3 hour session to make sure that everyone has a chance to play.

Weekend Pickle Ball open gym sessions are limited to 20 players, we have 4 courts available at this time, but less time to sub in. These sessions are open for online registration and it is encouraged that you register prior to showing up.  Note that you must purchase a 10 visit pass to register on-line.  We will accept walk-ins for the evenings sessions if there is space available.

10 visit passes can be purchased using the button below.

Pickle Ball Court Rental

NEW for May 2024!! Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-11AM  and various weekend times available.  

One person can reserve a court for their group of 4 for the full 2 hour session for only $20/hour!  Unlike drop in play court rentals are set for specific courts and players, there will be no rotating in and out of games, if you reserved the court it is yours for the full 2 hour session.