Wow Rookies

The Best Youth Baseball Program in the Country!

This Baseball League is going to be different than any other program you will be a part of.  All for the betterment of the ball players.  We will play a 8v8 format resulting in more at bats and action in the field than any other league.  It will be a fast-paced learning format, no time to pick daisies!  Your son or daughter will learn proper fundamentals from coaches who have College and Major League experience. 

We will have four Spring Training practices at Huron Valley Athletic Complex.  The regular season first half will take place in the Spring, the second half and playoffs will take place in the summer.  We will have games and practice every week. 

Contact Pat Misch at 248-684-4674 or [email protected] with any questions.

2022 Rookies Game Schedules:

Field Locations:

We wanted to tell you how impressed we are with the HVAC Rookies program. With our 3rd child, we have had a lot of exposure to a variety of sports (soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, ski racing, etc.) and a lot of different sports organizations, but this baseball program has really been the best we have seen. The focus on fun, along with development and the concept of fast play, lots of action and hitting, high quality coaching has just been amazing. If you are responsible for it at HVAC - thank you! We had tried baseball before and given up as it was slow, boring and had poor coaching. Rookies renewed our interest in the sport.
Rookies Parent