Wow Rookies

The Best Youth Baseball Program in the Country!

This Baseball League is different than any other program you will be a part of!.  We will play a 8v8 format resulting in more at bats and action in the field than any other league.  New for 2023 the Rookies program is all in one season from April 18th thru June 10th.  The league will finish before summer break!

What you get:

  • Fast paced format- no boredom or daisy picking!
  • Training by former MLB player
  • 4 Spring training sessions indoor at HVAC
  • 24 game season
  • 200+ at bats (more than any other league around!)
  • World Series Tournament
  • Game Jersey and Hat

Coaches Receive:

  • Practice plans
  • Professional training
  • Practice wiffles
  • Score card
  • $100 off of player fee!
  • Contact Pat Misch at 248-684-4674 or [email protected] with any questions.

2024 Rookies Schedule:

Coming Soon....

Field Locations:

I've been around the game of baseball as both a player and coach most of my life. During the past four years I have been involved in youth baseball with my son at HVAC having just completed our 2nd season in the Rookies program. Baseball for boys ages 6-9 is a very exciting time, but it can also pose some challenges for the younger player and coaches alike. During these ages players will get introduced to the fundamentals, proper technique, rules, teamwork, and of course, the hard ball. HVAC's Baseball Director, Pat Misch, has designed a unique approach to introducing these vital aspects of the game all while keeping the young player engaged at ALL times. In any given game, players will get more than 10 at bats and have the opportunity to play several positions. Speed and repetition have proven to be the winning formula with the Rookies program, and it continues to get stronger. In my experience, I believe that the WOW Rookies program is the best baseball experience you can provide for the young player.
Rookies Parent
I am a father of 3 boys and a girl. I am the son of a life long baseball coach, I played baseball since I was 5, and my wife played division 1 softball, so I have a little back ground in baseball. All 4 of my kids started off in a traditional house baseball league, similar to what I grew up with. I thought this was the only way to get started in the sport. Then, 2 years ago, I heard about the WOW Rookies baseball league and I decided to move my two youngest boys over to this league. My old two kids had already moved on to travel ball, but I wish they would have had access to this league. I absolutely love WOW Rookies! At these ages, the kids need a ton of at bats, and lots of chances in the field, and this league does exactly that. Kids who are younger then 9 don’t need to be pitching or catching in games. There are very few kids who can actually do either, and all it does it make the games go slower and last longer. Plus, when you have kid pitch, you are either getting strike outs or walks, and not much else. This doesn’t teach the kids anything about becoming better players. In WOW rookies, kids will get at least 5 at bats a game, and will get many chances in the field to see a ball hit to them. The games are fast paced and the kids have a ton more fun. I love the rules for this league, and I can tell you, my two younger boys have a much stronger skill base to get into travel baseball then my older two kids did. I highly recommend this league to anyone who is looking to get their son or daughter into baseball. They will have a great experience, and they will also learn the game of baseball.
Rookies Parent
We wanted to tell you how impressed we are with the HVAC Rookies program. With our 3rd child, we have had a lot of exposure to a variety of sports (soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, ski racing, etc.) and a lot of different sports organizations, but this baseball program has really been the best we have seen. The focus on fun, along with development and the concept of fast play, lots of action and hitting, high quality coaching has just been amazing. If you are responsible for it at HVAC - thank you! We had tried baseball before and given up as it was slow, boring and had poor coaching. Rookies renewed our interest in the sport.
Rookies Parent

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