Adult Sports

Have Fun Staying in Shape

Adult sports at HVAC include Men’s Drop In Basketball sessions, Circuit Training Classes, Adult Drop In Pickle Ball and Pickle Ball Lesson.  Check our fliers below for days and times!

Pickle Ball Lesson Descriptions

Beginner 1

This is for a true beginner to the game! In this hour, you will learn the following: how to hold and use the paddle; how to hit the ball; the court lines and areas; the rules; how to serve; and how to keep score. The lesson ends by playing a full game. No equipment necessary! Nets, paddles (if you don’t have one already), and balls available on site.

Beginner 2

The second lesson builds on what was learned in lesson one. You will practice more serving and service returns and then the main focus will be positioning on the court – where you stand when you serve and receive serves; when you should come up to the net; how to cover your area; and partner communication. At least one full game will be played after drills are completed.

Intermediate 3/4/5

Skills and drills that will be worked on: dinking, defending hard hit shots; 3rd shot drop; positioning and coverage; fast hands at the net; reading body language; shots with a purpose. Students can discuss with the coach and choose which skills and drills they want to work on.